Goddess Miniature Painting

The Sarvambikesha Handmade Goddess Miniature Painting

Dimensions 28.75 × 20.6 cm


Production Technique

Gouache Painting

Country/Region of Manufacture





Religious Painting

Painting Surface




Time Period Produced


Discover divine grace and beauty with Jeypore Art and Craft’s Goddess Miniature Paintings. Each stroke meticulously portrays the ethereal presence of revered goddesses from various cultures, capturing their essence with intricate detail. Explore our collection and infuse your space with the divine energy and spiritual significance of these exquisite artworks.

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Subject: Indian Religious Miniature Painting
Paint Material: Watercolor
Base Material: Faux Ivory

Size: 11.5 in.(28.75 cm ) wide & 8.25 in.(20.6 cm) tall

Age: Modern handmade art
Country of origin: India

  • Shiva is the energy and force of Lord Shiva and assumes the form of his consort. Without her, the lord is devoid of the well-being and auspiciousness which his name connotes  Shiva sarva mangalam. The poet compares the luster of this embodiment of energy to the halo of the rising sun, representing thus both life and knowledge. Her four arms depict the four directions she pervades. The noose, arrow, bow and the goad, they all emphasize the need for controlling the mind if we aspire to her or to spiritual realization in general. The noose in her hand is the prem pasha indicating her love for her devotees.
  • This painting of Devi as Shiva is the last in the series ending it on a tranquil note. With trees fringing the sides and a cloudless blue sky as her canopy sits Devi on a lotus, full-blossomed, symbolic of her bounty and generosity. It also stands for equilibrium and calm in the universe as in the individual’s life.
  • Shiva’s three eyes represent her mastery over past, present and future. Shankaracharya, glorifying the grace of her eyes, says:
  • Your one eye, being the embodiment of the sun, creates day,
    your other, being the embodiment of the moon, creates night,
    Your third eye, radiant like the
    slightly open golden lotus, creates twilight,
    the midpoint between night and day.
    Verily, on a mundane level, if a man, in utter despair and despondency, approaches the goddess in supplication and self-surrender, he achieves what he needs and is protected from evil.
  • Devi’s face is as luminous as the rising sun; her whole body appears to be glittering with divine light; her ornaments and garments present an enchanting spectacle. In a happy mood, she looks like a young woman. The trees in the background are painted with careful attention. The sky and the earth are clearly demarcated. Indeed each visible object has been painstakingly rendered. Buy it today.

Don’t Miss Out On This Exclusive Artwork ! Buy It Now.




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